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About Trees, Agility and Me

I don’t know about you, but I spent a lot of 2020 walking with my husband outdoors. We are fortunate to have miles of walking trails in our community and even during the most severe lockdown, we were able to log over four miles a day. I know the scientific evidence for being outside for enjoying nature, but I really came face to face with it during this challenging time. I also discovered several books, articles, TED talks and podcasts about how amazing trees are. Even though trees are rooted in place and seem to have little control over their environment, they are agile. They communicate. They cooperate. They look after one another. This is especially true for the old trees.

This is a great metaphor for how agile works and especially applies to my role in the agile space. This presentation is about my year long journey to learn more about trees and in the process learn the secret of agility and what it might mean for my life and death.

Linda Rising
Author, Fearless Change