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Serverless: The Fine Print

Historically, getting your software into a “server environment” required coordination with a tightly controlled infrastructure or operations team. Bottlenecks, both technical and bureaucratic, resulted in delays, waning developer productivity, and crushed morale.

Luckily for developers, cloud providers came to the rescue with ways to quickly get started with infrastructure. The democratization of cloud-based infrastructure precipitated a great shift in power for developers, but with that power came perhaps too much responsibility!

Enter Serverless. Serverless products are designed to strike the perfect balance. Serverless products are cloud-based platforms with varying degrees of low to no operations – Ideally trending to zero operations. The goal is that serverless architectures empower organizations and especially developers to deliver without hindrances in getting started or scaling their projects.

As serverless grows the promises of serverless keep growing as well. But serverless isn’t for everyone. Not yet, anyway.

This talk is a take on the fine print – why wouldn’t someone use serverless? What are the cautions? What about the converse, are there any cautions to ignoring this shift?

In this talk, I’ll do my best to talk you out of jumping on or off the serverless bandwagon – at least not without minding the fine print!

Kiki Carter
Curriculum Developer, Cockroach Labs