Chariot Solutions

ETE is brought to you by Chariot Solutions. Chariot Solutions is a software development consulting firm that builds and integrates the critical software applications that run our clients’ businesses. We are successful because we attract the most talented and collaborative software architects in the region. 

We are leaders in Java, open source and emerging technologies, and work in small, agile teams. We solve hard problems with a practical approach centered on communication, common sense and continual learning. We believe it is important to give back to our community through shared learning.

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Every day we make an impact through innovation. We drive for simplicity. We are problem solvers at heart. We tap into the diversity of our team for ideas and differing perspective. All in the pursuit of building cutting-edge products that are easy to use and accessible across all platforms.

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Honeycomb is the observability tool that helps modern development teams understand the systems they build and operate in production. Develop better instrumentation as you write code to reduce toil and delight your users. With Honeycomb, guess less and know more.

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Every day, research and health professionals dedicate themselves to improving outcomes for communities, patients and society at large. Elsevier is committed to quality and innovation to improve the value we deliver to researchers, research leaders, librarians, funders, healthcare professionals and educators in an open, inclusive and collaborative manner.

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Pinnacle 21

Employees at Pinnacle 21 do tech work that means something. Their software enables key transitions in the clinical trial data pipeline and streamlines regulatory approvals for drugs and medical devices, getting new treatments to patients faster. Pinnacle 21 supplies its SaaS platform to the US FDA, Japan’s PMDA, 24 of the top 25 biopharma firms, and many more biotechs. It ensures clinical trial data comply with the standards of both government agencies and trial sponsors.

On its way from the clinic to a government agency, a data point goes through many steps, and Pinnacle 21 has processed over 30 trillion (with a T!) of them. With strong product-market fit and an aggressive roadmap fueled by their 2021 acquisition by Certara (NASDAQ: CERT), the team is quickly becoming the one-stop data brokerage for the life sciences.

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Cecilian Partners

Community Development. Simplified. Cecilian Partners transform the home buying experience with game-changing proptech for builders and developers. 

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